Get to know your LMS

Your Learning Management System (LMS) at La Trobe is called Moodle. You’ll hear people refer to it as the ‘LMS’ or as ‘Moodle’ – it’s the same system.

What’s the LMS?

The LMS is an online learning environment that allows you to locate learning materials and activities related to your studies.

You can access it while you’re on campus, at home, on your phone, or anywhere, as long as your device is connected to the internet.

All authorised student users have been issued with a Username and Password. These are the same as the Username and Password for accessing your University email account. If you have forgotten your password you can contact Student IT Support.

Let’s get stuck into it – here are five features of the LMS you need to know.

1. Keep track of events via the calendar

Got an assignment due date coming up? Add it to your calendar. The LMS Calendar shows all events across your subjects, and can be exported to your own calendar to easily add important events and due dates.

2. Never miss anything with notifications

What did we do before notifications? Write stuff down? Set alarms? Check the snail mail?

Don’t worry, your LMS has notifications for all of your subject announcements. They’ll be displayed under the notifications icon, located at the top right next to your profile.

3. Send messages to classmates

Send messages to your classmates through the LMS to keep in touch about assignments and ask questions.

All of your messages from other users will be displayed under the messages icon, located at the top right next to your profile.

4. Access learning resources, like lecture recordings

You’ve slept in and missed a lecture – where can you listen to it online?

You’re heading to your bookshop – what’s on your reading list?

You’re bamboozled about library services – how do you get help?

All these questions can be solved through quick links in your LMS.

On the right hand side of the page within a subject, you’ll find the ‘Blocks’ column which contains links to important information, resources and reminders for upcoming events. Here is where you can find links to the Echo360 lecture recordings, library help, reading lists and activities

5. Save all your subject info in one place

View your grades for each individual assessment, see participants within your subject, save private files online, and more via the LMS. You’ll find access to each of these features in the navigation drawer within a subject.