Five types of cover letters that’ll land you firmly in the ‘no’ pile

Your cover letter is most often the first document that an employer reads so it may determine whether your application reaches the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ pile.  But don’t make these mistakes which may mean yours fails to impress.

1. The ‘cut and paste’ letter

‘I have a great interest in working at (insert company name) in the role of (insert job title here)’.  Tailor your letter each time so that you ensure you’re addressing individual criteria for that particular opportunity.

2. The ‘self-assessment’ letter

‘I would be perfectly suited to the experience makes me ideal’.  Let the employer be the judge!

3. The ‘skills summary’ letter

’I am a team player, great communicator, am reliable and honest..’ Don’t simply state your skills/attributes, provide examples.

4. The ‘me’ letter

This role will give me the chance to advance my career and develop my skills…’ Focus instead on what you bring to the role and how your skills align.

And last but not least…

5. The ‘Handball’ letter

‘Please refer to my resume for a list of skills and experiences.’  Your cover letter needs to ‘stand alone’ from your resume and give examples to support your skills, experiences and attributes.

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