La Trobe’s careers team share their top tips for finding part-time work

Here’s our top tips for ways to find your next part time job, a great way to build your transferable skills that you can bring to your chosen career.

  • Talk to your contacts.  Ask your friends, family, other students where they work and if there might be additional opportunities that they know of. 
  • Approach local organisations directly, such as retailers and food service, takeaway and restaurants directly to drop your resume off. 
  • Check Career Hub regularly…that great part time role might be up there.  Use the job search function to search for jobs.
  • Look at ‘Jobs’ or Careers Pages for larger organisations. Register online to be notified of opportunities. This is often the way big retailers recruit part time workers.
  • Tap into your social media. Let people know you’re looking.
  • Consider volunteering.  No, it’s not paid but perhaps a ‘foot in the door’ somewhere to a part time role but whilst you’re there you are developing some of those great transferable skills.
  • Get your resume sorted. Attend our ‘Resume Essentials’ webinar to learn how to prepare a great part time job resume.
  • Check employment websites for part time jobs such as Seek and CareerOne.

Need further assistance in finding part time work?  Attend our ‘How to find Part Time Work’ webinar for more info. Book here.