How to make your resume stand out

Employers are busy and will often get hundreds of resumes for the positions they advertise. They may often only spend a few seconds reading through your resume so it’s vital that you write a great resume to get noticed.

Here’s a few tips to get you there:

Focus on keeping it Targeted

A targeted resume is written so it highlights your skills, attributes, and experiences that are most relevant to the opportunity you are applying for. You need to think about the audience reading your resume and ensure that the most important information is jumping out.

Make it Persuasive

Capture the reader’s attention with your opening statement. It’s about making an impression and impact. You need to convince them that you will bring value to the organisation, that you will fit in. Make them want to read on!

Keep it Evidence Based

Showcase your best skills, attributes, and experiences through providing real life examples that you have developed through your education, volunteering, and professional experiences.   

Be Concise and to the Point

Ensure your layout and language is professional and easy to follow. Make sure your key information is easy to find and that there is consistency throughout the document.  

If you need some additional tips and tricks, why not come along to our Career Ready Resume Essentials webinars.