Changes to assessment adjustment timeframes 

From Semester 1, 2024, the time you have to apply for some applications for assessment adjustments are changing.

Some application timeframes are now shorter than they were last year, so it’s important you read the details carefully and understand how much time you have to apply.

What are the new timeframes?

Assessment adjustmentNew timeframe
Application for a review of Special Consideration outcomes (both eligibility and final outcome)Within 5 business days of receiving a decision
Application for an Alternative Assessment Schedule (AAS)Up to 5 business days prior to Final Assessment Period for term-based subjects. Up to 10 business days prior to Final Assessment Period for semester-based subjects
Apply for review of application for AASApply via written response to the decline email within 3 business days of receiving the decision
Application for formal review of a mark (following informal review)Within 5 business days of the initial review
Assessment feedback timeframeQualitative feedback is provided in time for students to apply it to subsequent relevant learning or assessment, normally within 15 business days of submission or within a shorter timeframe as appropriate for subjects with a shorter teaching period (e.g. Terms)

To view full details about assessment adjustments, visit the Assessment Procedure – Adjustments (including Special Consideration).

Information about applications for review of a mark and assessment feedback timeframes, visit Assessment Procedure – Validation and Moderation.