Teaching students at La Trobe

Wominjeka La Trobe

All commencing La Trobe students must complete Wominjeka La Trobe. This is an introduction to Indigenous Australian history, culture and customs. The subject takes about two hours to complete and emphasises the importance of a rich and relevant cultural heritage education. It makes the link between Indigenous knowledge and values and the broader graduate capability of cultural literacy, and begins to engage students in critical reflection about their own attitudes, values and beliefs.

Would you like to learn more about the culture and heritage of the Indigenous students you teach? There is a staff instance of Wominjeka La Trobe available on the La Trobe LMS.

Who are La Trobe’s students? Some fast facts …

La Trobe University's Pocket Statistics 2013 - 2015 is available as a downloadable brochure. It contains information about the University's enrolments, student load, graduate outcomes, staff, research income and publications.

How do La Trobe students learn?

The University’s Digital Learning Strategy (DLS) (2015-2017) promotes innovative teaching and learning practices, by providing an environment where the use of digital technologies and pedagogies can thrive. Nearly a quarter of Australian domestic students chose to undertake their studies partially or wholly online in 2013, up from 18% in 2009.

Between 2015 and 2016, the DLS Curriculum Development Project, undertaken in collaboration with subject coordinators and teaching teams, has resulted in 33 per cent more students across the University experiencing blended learning in subjects, taking the overall University total to 57 per cent of enrolled students.

This greater emphasis on active learning, supported through La Trobe's online and face-to-face learning environments, will arm you with new ways to teach across different modalities to engage students.

You can read the Digital Learning Strategy here. You can also read more about theDigital Learning Strategy in practice.

Academic Integrity Module for Staff

All new academic staff at La Trobe University are invited to complete this module. This requirement and the length and detail of the module, are reflections of how La Trobe University values academic integrity and takes academic misconduct seriously.

La Trobe University also teaches students about academic integrity through its mandatory Academic Integrity Module for all first year students.

La Trobe Library

The La Trobe University library provides assignment support for students, from planning and research through to academic referencing, via online guides and workshops. Past examination papers available for viewing may also be accessed via the Library.

TLHub and Educational Technologies

The TLHub provides a range of resources to support the blended or online delivery of your subject. Log onto the La Trobe LMS with your username and password and search for TLHub. Technology-specific resources are also available on the La Trobe website.

LTLT Resource Library

LTLT has created and curated a library of resources to help you to further develop your teaching capability. so that you can implement the strategies, approaches and technology to deliver world-class learning experiences.

Want to learn more?

Log onto theLa Trobe LMS (with your staff name and password) and search for ‘Learning Futures Programs and Services’ (LTLT-LF-PS) for access to a comprehensive suite of programs and resources to support your teaching.