Course and Subject Coordinators

La Trobe University is committed to ensuring that its academic programs are of a high standard. Authority for subjects and courses rests with their coordinators, who work in collaboration with a School’s Director of Teaching and Learning and Head of School or Department to uphold academic and professional standards and procedures.

Course Coordinators

The course coordinator is responsible for course level:

  • development and design
  • delivery and leadership (including the development of the teaching team for the course)
  • engagement (with students, service units including marketing within the University, professional and accrediting bodies)
  • review and revisions
  • administration and course reports.

Subject Coordinators

The subject coordinator is responsible for subject level:

  • development and design
  • delivery (including development of the teaching team, including the leaders of each instance of a subject on any of La Trobe’s campuses or delivered fully online, and of relevant third party taught subjects)
  • engagement with students
  • administration and subject reporting.

The subject coordinator will:

  • Manage the work of the teaching team, which may comprise instance leaders, lecturers, tutors, demonstrators and guest expert presenters.
  • Provide advice and direction on matters involving learning outcomes, assessment criteria and standards, activities and tasks, the Subject Learning guide, information listed in the Course Information Management System, the texts and resources used and material presented in class.
  • Ensure that there is regular contact between tea members, and schedule a specific meeting to discuss the finalising of grades and opportunities for subject revision each time a subject is offered.

Who is the subject coordinator?

The name of the subject coordinator or coordinators relevant to your teaching assignment by searching by subject on the La Trobe website.

The Course and Subject Coordinator Policy and the Course Coordinator and Subject Coordinator Procedures can be found, along with all La Trobe organisational policy documents, in the La Trobe Policy Library.