Code of conduct

La Trobe University:

  • provides a workplace that is free from discrimination and recognises and utilises the diversity of its employees.
  • has the highest ethical standards.
  • is accountable for its actions.
  • establishes workplace relations that value communication, consultation, co-operation and input from employees on matters that affect their workplace.
  • provides a fair, flexible, safe and rewarding workplace.
  • focuses on achieving results and managing performance.
  • provides a fair system of review of decisions taken in respect of employees.
  • encourages staff to exercise their rights to intellectual freedom on matters relevant to areas of specialist knowledge and expertise
  • Whilst it is beyond the scope of this Code to articulate every possible situation that may arise it should be understood that a breach of the Code or University policies may result in disciplinary action being taken. The Code does not override obligations imposed by legislation (including the University’s Statutes and Regulations) or the University’s policies or procedures, nor exclude or replace rights and obligations arising from membership of professional and like organisations or rights and obligations under the common law.

View La Trobe University's Code of Conduct document.