Academic promotions

Our recently updated academic promotions policy has streamlined the process and provides pathways for staff across teaching, research and academic citizenship.

We encourage all academic staff to start planning their next promotion. Academic promotion is not based on annual quotas but judged on the merit of the application with reference to our guidelines and the Minimum Standards for Academic Levels (MSALs). Two promotion rounds are held each year.

La Trobe’s Academic Promotions Policy

Are you thinking of applying for a promotion?

More detailed information about our academic promotions [staff login required] is available for current staff. Information available includes:

  • Advice on applying for a promotion
  • Resources (application forms, guides, MSALs, FAQs)
  • Information sessions
  • Submission dates
  • Information on endorsing a promotion

Women’s Academic Promotions Support Program (WAPS)

The WAPS program seeks to address the inequality in female academics represented at higher academic levels. The program includes professional development, group mentoring and a dedicated collaborative space.

Established in 2017, WAPS has so far influenced over 60 successful promotions.

For more information contact Dr Natasha Weir or

Promotion support for teaching staff

LTLT can provide staff with confidential advice and support for the learning and teaching aspects of your application.