Heads Up, La Trobe Crew! Zen Vibes Incoming! 

Big news! From Monday 30 October to Friday 10 November, we’re adding a sprinkle of Zen to your library sessions. 

So, what’s the Zen Zone? 

It’s a chill corner in your library where you can take a breather. The Zen Zone is perfect for that much-needed mini-break amidst all the study chaos.

Melbourne (Bundoora) Library (Room 1.62 – next to Seminar 1): 

Zen Zone Specials: Enjoy juices and healthy snacks on us! ALL DAY! 

Mindfulness Vibes: Dive deep into 15-minute mindfulness sessions with our pro coach. Get a grip on breathing exercises, stress-relief techniques and guided meditation. 

  • Dates: Oct 31, Nov 2, 7 & 9 
  • Times: 12 pm – 2 pm 

Bendigo Library (Level 2 opposite stairwell): 

Zen Zone Specials: LTSA’s rolling out snacks for you, ALL DAY! 

Mindfulness Vibes: Take part in 15 minutes mindfulness sessions to refresh and recharge. 

  • Dates: Nov 1 & 8 
  • Times: 12 pm – 2 pm 

Come by any time. If you arrive in the middle of a session, wait for a bit and you can join the next one. 

Dive into the Zen Zone, refresh your mind and tackle your studies like a boss.

Catch you there!