Reimagining India: New Colombo Plan Grant

We’ve got some exciting news to spice up your life, the Reimagining India program is back! Reimagining India is your chance to explore India’s chaos, color and curry while making lifelong connections that’ll shape your future.

On this two-week journey you’ll jet-set to iconic cities like Mumbai and Delhi, explore villages and schools, peek into the world of startups and get to know some big-shot multinational corporations.

Hold on to your textbooks because it gets better! If you’re an Aussie undergrad your trip is supported by grant funding thanks to the New Colombo Plan (NCP) Short Term Mobility Grant of up to $3000 for this tour to pay for tuition fees, food and transport (but not your flights and deposit).

Choose Your Time-Travel Adventure

First things first, let’s talk dates. Imagine spending your December holidays in the land of mystique and magic, or maybe you prefer escaping the February blues by soaking up the Indian sun. Yep, you’ve got two time-travel options!

  1. Dec 2 – 16th 2023
  2. Feb 2 – 16 2024

Unleash your inner explorer

But what’s the buzz about “Reimagining India”? This two-week adventure isn’t about snoozing through lectures; it’s about diving headfirst into India’s rich tapestry of history, culture, and chaos.
The best part? Forget boring classrooms, India is your playground!

Here’s what you’ll conquer:

  • Become an India aficionado – understand how India can spice up your studies and career.
  • Build your very own Indian fan club – make friends with Indian mentors and buddies for insider scoops.
  • Dive into the masala mix – you’ll get a taste of Indian culture from samosas to Bollywood dance moves!
  • Master the art of time-travel – explore India’s past, present, and future.
  • Surprise your friends with Bollywood lines – yes, you’ll even learn some Hindi!
  • Upgrade your skill set – think creativity, teamwork, communication, and more!
  • Access the ultimate treasure chest – get your hands on resources to keep your India love alive.


To be eligible you need to be able to get credit for this program back to your La Trobe degree and to receive the NCP funding you need to be an Australian citizen.

India awaits, so don’t miss this opportunity to spice up your student life!

We look forward to seeing you there and helping you plan your next great adventure! Find more information and applications here or email