Need a Student Advisor? Charlie can connect you!

The booking appointment process with Student Advising has changed, but we’re still here if you need help!

Step 1: Chat to Charlie – get your questions answered!

Charlie the chatbot provides instant responses to your questions, they’re your first point of call to avoid waiting in queues because Charlie is available 24/7 at the click of a button.

Accessing Charlie is a breeze! Simply head over to the ASK La Trobe contact page and you’ll find Charlie waiting eagerly to assist you. Type your questions and watch the magic unfold as Charlie locates the info you need from our student FAQs.

If Charlie is unable to answer your question, you will be provided with the option to connect with ASK La Trobe via LiveChat (during operating hours). Outside of operating hours, you will be provided with the option to Ask a Question Online.

Step 2: Speak to ASK La Trobe – they’ll help you book if you need an appointment

We know that sometimes your question is more complex than Charlie can help you with, especially if you’re after a Student Advisor.

During operating hours, if Charlie is unable to assist you, or if you need that personal touch, Charlie will connect you with ASK La Trobe via LiveChat.

An ASK La Trobe team member will assist you with your enquiry and direct you to the correct support service or book an appointment with a Student Advisor if required.