La Trobe Industry Placement Minor: Supporting career and life capable graduates

Are you looking for a longer placement experience that will lend you more time to build your career networks? Would you like the opportunity to complete placements across multiple organisations?

The Industry Placement Minor may be something that is right up your alley!

We all know that completing an industry placement will boost your employability, help you establish your career aspirations and support you in creating professional networks before you graduate. However, perhaps you are seeking more than 100 hours of placement that a single elective subject will provide you.

The Industry Placement Minor includes four placement subjects and 400 placement hours.

An Industry Placement Minor is recommended if you want to undertake placements across two different majors (e.g. marketing and finance). It also allows you to undertake 400 hours of placement on a full time or part-time basis, with flexible options for enrolment. You can complete the 400 hours at the one organisation, or multiple, depending on whether you want to build strong connections within one organisation or explore multiple career options. 

The minor is made to be flexible to suit your available enrolment and which placements you would like to complete. The minor is offered as intensive, part time or a mix of both (the flexible model). This means you can fit the minor around your other subjects or life commitments. You can also tailor your placement schedule and hours to factor in other commitments such as study, paid work or family commitments.

It is more common and less complicated for students to complete either 1 x 400 hour placement or 2 x 200 hour placements.

Below is a breakdown of what a minor placement can look like:

  • Intensive – 400 hours completed in the 12 weeks, full time equivalent hours between 30-35 hours per week, and occurs during a ‘semester’ period during first, second, or summer dates
  • Part Time – 400 hours over 9 months, part time hours between 5-15 hours per week, and occurs over the equivalent of two ‘semester’ time periods (Semester 1 and 2, Semester 2 and Summer, OR Semester 1 and Summer)
  • Flexible – 400 hours over a negotiated time period, may be blocks of full time and blocks of part time with the placement, occurs over two or three ‘semester’ time periods, and may have semester breaks or periods during a semester where not on placement (as negotiated between student and host organisation)

How do I know if I am eligible for a minor placement?

  • Available to second or third year students
  • You have space in your study plan for a minor or 60 credit points of elective subjects
  • You have completed 120 credit points of subjects before commencing the minor, i.e. equivalent to 1st year of your degree

To find out more, contact Industry Placements or visit our website.