From Vietnam to La Trobe: Scholarship helps Yen Anh follow her dreams

Master’s in Educational Leadership and Management student Yen Anh Ngyen, has been able to achieve her lifelong study dreams with support from the Australian government’s Australia Awards and La Trobe University.

Hailing from Hue in Vietnam, Yen Anh has always aspired to study abroad and she was able to achieve this goal after receiving an Australia Awards Scholarship.

Led by Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Australia Awards scholarship aims to contribute to the development of Australia’s partner countries by providing people from developing countries, particularly in the Indo-Pacific region, opportunities to study in Australia at participating universities.

Despite facing societal gender discrimination and a lack of awareness about disabilities in Vietnam, Yen Anh remained determined to pursue her education.

“After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Oriental Studies from Hue University of Sciences in 2015, I served as the Head of Education and Training at the Provincial Blind Association for over four years,” Yen Anh reflects.

Throughout my studies, the supportive staff made essential adjustments, and knowledgeable lecturers fostered a conducive learning environment

“However, my transformative journey truly began with the support of the Australia Awards Scholarship, which granted me the opportunity to pursue a Master’s in Educational Leadership and Management at La Trobe University.”

Yen Anh’s decision to choose La Trobe University was influenced by the university’s dedication to inclusion and diversity, particularly in its Master of Educational Leadership and Management program.

“La Trobe justified my trust by meticulously ensuring all necessary services for a successful study for a blind person were in place,” she notes.

“Throughout my studies, the supportive staff made essential adjustments, and knowledgeable lecturers fostered a conducive learning environment.”

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which shifted her on-campus experience to predominantly online, Yen Anh persevered with the aid of La Trobe’s support systems. Although she encountered occasional feelings of disconnection, timely advice from accessibility advisors helped her adapt to the new mode of study.

“My journey from Vietnam to Australia and back has been a profound chapter of growth and learning,” Yen Anh reflects.

“The experiences gained, both academically and culturally, have equipped me with practical knowledge and a broader perspective. I am grateful for the transformative impact it has had on my life, turning challenges and rejections into stepping stones towards achieving my aspirations.”