AccessAbility & Inclusion Academic Awards are now known as the Universal Design & Inclusion Awards

To align with the Universal Design and Inclusion Action Plan 2022-30, we have changed the name of the awards and opened them up to all staff at the University.

The message is the same, we want to recognise and award university staff who have demonstrated one or more of the following:

  • gone above and beyond to actively welcome you to La Trobe University and to assist you to have a positive, affirming, and successful experience
  • fostered an inclusive learning environment that supports the contribution and wellbeing of all
  • assisted you to implement academic adjustments that are over and above your LAP recommendations, where appropriate
  • created a curriculum that includes more than one way for students to learn and show their understanding via enhanced accessibility of learning content and delivery, including multiple means of engagement, representation, action and expression

So… if you are a student who identifies as Autistic, ADHD, Dyslexic and/or another minority neurotype or you live with or have a mental health condition, ongoing medical condition or disability (including physical, neurological, intellectual, sensory, acquired brain injury, or specific learning difficulty), then you may have received additional support from members of staff and would like to nominate someone for an award.

(Please note: AccessAbility & Inclusion Advisors are not eligible to receive this award).

Nominations close 1 November 2023

“It is incredibly moving that a student suggested that we have these awards. It means a huge amount to me to know that students feel the impact of our efforts, and incredible that the little things that we do can have profound implications for student lives and academic achievement.”