ACT with Confidence

Have you ever thought to yourself:

‘I can’t achieve that goal, do the things I want to do, or behave like the person I want to be until I feel more confident.’


‘I don’t feel confident enough to.. go to that party, go out on a date, attend class, speak in front of others, go for that job, manage a placement, give that presentation, do well in this course..’

In fact, we can get stuck in a loop that takes us away from the life we want, procrastinating on assessments, avoiding social situations, and having poor task engagement.

The ACT with Confidence Program

The La Trobe Counselling Service will be running a 6-week personal development group program:

ACT with Confidence: Free yourself from anxiety, self-doubt and low confidence

The program will target how we develop genuine confidence: the ability to rely on ourselves and face important challenges.

Run by La Trobe counsellors Lydia and Jackie, this group program is a safe space and will offer students knowledge, skills and support to help manage difficult thoughts and feelings, get motivated to step outside of our comfort zones, and do what matters.


  • 5 sessions on Friday’s 10.30 am-12.30 pm
  • Starting Friday 1st September – in person on Melbourne (Bundoora) Campus

If you have questions before expressing interest, please email Lydia Brnovic or Jackie Cameron

Lydia and Jackie are happy to chat.