Welcome to La Trobe from the Multifaith Spiritual Wellbeing team

Written by Steve Blyth – Multifaith Advisor at our Bendigo campus

I’m sure you’ve met so many people already, classmates, lecturers, tutors, UNI staff – it can all be a bit overwhelming, can’t it? Well, I’m not aiming to overwhelm you anymore, I just want to let you know a little about our team and how we might be able to help you as you embark on your university journey.

   Who are the Multifaith Spiritual Wellbeing team?

  • We are experienced and qualified representatives from the different faith beliefs and religions
  • We are available on your campus and online to help you explore or deepen your spirituality and to help you grow in your faith and as a person as you navigate uni, faith and life

   What do we do?

We can help you with the following services:

  • help you with meaning, purpose, and identity through 1-1 discussions
  • provide a safe space for retreat, prayer, reflection and meditation at our spiritual wellbeing centres on your campus
  • facilitate forums and conversations on topical issues 
  • provide practical assistance with welfare needs, life skills, and daily routines
  • make referrals to relevant community support services
  • listen and support you during times of loss or crisis
  • promote an ethical and moral voice within the university community
  • facilitate relevant memorial and other spiritual services
  • connect you with local faith communities
  • connect you with on campus faith based clubs

 Where can you find us?

We have multifaith spiritual wellbeing services across all the Latrobe campuses and these services are available online or in-person.

Look us up on our Multifaith Spiritaul Wellbeing website or find the multifaith prayer room or chapel on your campus and you’ll find a spiritual wellbeing advisor there.