Reduced public transport fares for regional Victoria from 31 March

From 31 March 2023, no matter where you live in Victoria, it will cost you the same amount to travel on public transport. The most you’ll pay is the same as a daily capped fare, which is currently $9.20 or $4.60 for concession.

For shorter regional trips, it will be even less and with weekend saver discounts, travel on Victoria’s regional network on weekends and public holidays, and your daily fare will currently only be $6.70 or $3.35 concession.

There’s never been a better time to travel by public transport

Fairer regional fares will help ease household budgets, meaning Victorian families can focus on what matters—travelling for work, holidays and events. 

More Victorians will now be able to explore and discover the diversity and wonders of our great state and support the businesses and tourism operators who make it so. 

It means that travelling by V/Line, local trains, buses or trams—no matter where you are in Victoria—will be accessible and affordable for everyone.

To find out more, visit the PTV website.