Support for Survivors of Sexual Harm at La Trobe

Please note: The following message contains references to sexual harassment and sexual assault, which some students may find distressing.  

With considerable public attention on the topic of sexual harm, including in our national parliament, La Trobe would like to remind our community that support is available. The university takes a victim/survivor-centred approach to how we respond to disclosures or reports of sexual harm, including sexual harassment and assault. Staff and students can come forward and make confidential disclosures focused on seeking support, or alternatively make formal reports, triggering additional processes. No matter the approach you decide to take, you will be listened to, believed and supported to understand options and make your own choices. 

If you would like to seek support related to sexual harm or family violence in the workplace, at home or in any other aspect of your life there are options: 

Internal Student Support

  • Safer Community is a free, confidential support service if you are experiencing concerning, threatening, inappropriate or uncomfortable behaviour. You can contact them for informal advice, support or to make a formal report, whether it happened on or off-campus. Follow this link for more information on privacy and confidentiality. Email or call 9479 9899. 
  • Student Wellbeing Connect provides support for students to manage their wellbeing where the situation may need case management. They can connect you with many different services both internal and external to the University that might be able to help you in your situation and act as a point of contact to help guide you through. 

External Support


If you would like to learn how to support a colleague or friend through a disclosure of sexual harm or family violence you can sign up to La Trobe’s Respectful Relationships & Bystander Intervention Training. Alternatively, La Trobe’s Safer Community Service can provide secondary consult and advice. 


Relevant La Trobe policies that guide the University’s approach to addressing inappropriate behaviour and responding to sexual harm can be accessed at the La Trobe Policy Library including: 

If you have any questions related to this article, please feel free to reach out to the Respectful Communities team at