How Studiosity can help you to get a top grade on your assignment

As a La Trobe student, you have access to a wonderful free tool called Studiosity. You might have heard of it or seen a sign for it but have you given it a go?

Studiosity can help you to highlight areas to work on in assignments. With the feedback you receive, you can update your work to help improve your grades.

So how do we find it?

To find it, simply click on the ‘Studiosity’ tile on any of your subject pages on LMS.

It asks you to register by choosing a pin number and you are in! Here is what it looks:

How do we use it?

The best bit is we get 10 free interactions as a La Trobe student each year (5 per semester). You can use it on your laptop, or you can use the app. Some students love the app and use it to view their feedback on their phones alongside their laptops while they make changes. That way you can make the changes wherever you are. Well, maybe not wherever you are…

What can we use it for?

Any type of assignment you are submitting. You fill in a few details such as your study level, if it’s your first draft, what you need help with and if there are any focus areas you would like to draw their attention to. We recommend that you always add in the question under additional information to give the reader an idea of what question/task you are answering.

You can also ask a question! You can connect one-to-one and get personal help in real-time. This is great for after-hours when the Uni support services are closed.

What does our feedback look like?

These pics are screenshots from the phone app and from a student’s actual assignment. This student was really impressed with how Studiosity broke down the feedback into focus area categories and explained their suggestions for change. This feedback helped the student see a few things that they didn’t realise they were doing, and now when writing other assignments they consider this, and have learnt how to avoid making the same mistake. It really improved the student’s final submission and helped them improve their academic writing.

Check it out and give it a go! You really can only improve that grade!

Need more help?

If you need further assistance, Library Learning support staff and Peer Learning Advisors (PLAs) are available to help. Peer Learning Advisors (PLAs) are experienced students specially trained to help other students.

You chat with a Library Learning support staff or PLA for help with your assessments, finding information, referencing and more!