Social success with La Trobe’s Psychology Clinic

8 week FREE program, commencing 27 October 2023

If you experience shyness or social anxiety, you’re not alone and La Trobe’s Psychology Clinic is here to help. Maybe you avoid social situations or have trouble connecting, experience panic attacks or fear rejection and judgment.
This group will help you overcome and identify techniques to minimise your social anxiety, performance fears, test anxiety and other interpersonal concerns.

The 8 group sessions will help you:

  • Understand how we get caught up by our own fears of others’ judgement.
  • Develop psychological flexibility skills to improve your ability to accept your feelings, thoughts and behaviours.
  • Develop mindfulness skills.
  • Connect to your personal values, to guide actions that will build greater social confidence.

You will also receive individual coaching from a provisionally registered psychologist as well as resources to use between meetings.
This is a FREE Group with parking available onsite if needed, the clinic is also close to tram and bus services.

Event details

Date: Friday 27th of October (8 week program)
Time: Friday 10 am – 12 pm
Location: La Trobe University- George Singer Building (Bundoora)
Contact: Please call 03 94792150 or email
Express your interest: Group Program Form