So, what does a Career Ready Ambassador even do?

Career Ready Ambassadors play an important role at La Trobe, helping students prepare for future jobs, but for some of us, what they do is a little bit of a mystery!

We’re excited to feature one of our fav ambassadors, Amina Fatima, a final year Bachelor of Health Sciences student majoring in Health Promotion. Having already completed their first employment opportunity as a Career Ready Ambassador, we’re excited to share Amina’s experience as a Career Ready Ambassador, and why you should consider it too!

The Career Ready Ambassador experience – in Amina’s words:

After volunteering as a La Trobe Host, I was offered the position, which I gladly accepted! All I knew at the time was that I wanted an opportunity to give back to the university whilst studying.

As a student myself, I understand how difficult it is to prepare for a career or even think about a job interview. Working across the different campuses I was able to assist students in gaining access to employability opportunities as well as share tools, employability resources and support to ensure they feel confident to apply for jobs.

Working as a Career Ready Ambassador has been really rewarding, the most rewarding moment in this role was when I designed the R.E.S.U.M.E acronym, knowing that thousands of students will use it to tailor their resume and cover letter. To think that I could help students just like me is awesome!

I have also grown a lot in this role. My biggest weakness used to be my ability to speak confidently in front of others and I’m proud to say that I can now stand in front of academics and students to deliver presentations, which was certainly a fear of mine before this experience!

Benefits of working as a Career Ready Ambassador:

Professional development: As a Career Ready Ambassador, you gain valuable professional skills such as public speaking, leadership, event planning, and networking. These abilities are useful in any career.

Opportunities for networking: You will have the opportunity to meet university staff, professors, career services professionals, and students. Having a strong network can help you uncover job possibilities and advance in your profession.

Bonus Tip: Creating a LinkedIn profile can make you more recognisable and approachable to students as well help build connections.

Deepened knowledge: Working as an ambassador can help you have a better grasp of career development, job search strategies, and the world of work. This knowledge can be utilised to your own professional development.

Resume enhancement: This position looks impressive on a resume. It reflects your passion for personal and professional development, as well as your dedication to assisting other students in succeeding.

Improved communication skills: Public speaking, writing, and interpersonal communication are all important talents to have in any profession. Your work as an ambassador will assist you in honing these abilities.

Leadership experience: Serving as an ambassador can offer you with excellent leadership experience that you can apply to future leadership positions in your career and in other aspects of your life.

Increased self-confidence: Interacting with peers, academics, and employers can boost your self-confidence and self-esteem, both of which are necessary for job interviews and career success.

Personal satisfaction: Assisting other students with their job preparation can be personally fulfilling. It’s an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of your peers.