Revised Student Academic Misconduct Policy

The Academic Board of the University approved a revised Student Academic Misconduct Policy on 27 July 2022 after an extensive consultation process across the University.

The revised Policy replaces the current Academic Integrity Policy and includes more information about key processes and outcomes associated with the reporting and management of student academic misconduct allegations.

The following new documents can be found in the University Policy Library:

Key changes to the Student Academic Misconduct Policy:

  • Additional information: more details about record keeping, student support, appeal provisions, and the interaction with penalties have been provided.
  • Possible Findings: The range of possible findings from an investigation is now included in the Procedure.
  • Poor Academic Practice: A new finding of Poor Academic Practice has been formalised as part of a No Case to Answer finding, recognising that students may inadvertently breach academic integrity through inexperience with proper academic conventions
  • Outcomes: Any outcomes of earlier allegations will be made available as part of the portfolio of evidence in any subsequent allegation.
  • University Graduates: Specific processes have been introduced for the management of allegations against graduates of the University.
  • Penalties: The possible Penalties for academic misconduct have been substantially streamlined and revised to ensure balance and proportionality.

Contract Cheating: The policy and associated penalties include specific references to preventing and managing allegations of the serious charge of contract cheating. Student-facing websites will be updated to align with the revised Policy.