Professional Memberships: Not just for graduates

Joining a professional association may sound like something to look at once you’re working in your chosen field but here’s why you should consider one whilst you study.   

Great Networking opportunities

  • Stay up to date with your chosen industry sector by joining one or more of the multitude of associations across a broad range of occupational/industry sectors. Some offer students discounted joining fees. They often run events giving you the chance to network with those working in the field. (Tip: Attend a Career Ready Resume Webinar first so that your resume’s ready to go!)

Professional Development

  • Professional Associations may offer development courses. Add any you do to your resume to really reinforce your passion and enthusiasm for learning about your chosen role and sector. 

Access Jobs that aren’t advertised on Seek or LinkedIn.

  • Heard of the ‘hidden job market’?  By joining a professional association, you may have access to these opportunities being advertised within the industry via their job board.

They make great resume reading!

  • What better way to show your commitment and investment to an industry than to include on your resume that you have a professional membership!

Not sure what professional organisations to join for your discipline?  Search for Industry Associations  related to your profession on Career Hub, selecting the ‘Resources’ tab or click on the following link: Professional Associations

Book an appointment with the Career Ready team to discuss how to maximise your student membership with a professional association: Book an Appointment