Picturing Respect: 16 Days of Activism with La Trobe

To continue La Trobe’s commitment to promoting and championing respect, we’re excited to announce a photography competition in support of Victoria’s ‘Respect Is’ 16 Days of Activism campaign. This campaign, running from November 25th to December 10th, sheds light on critical issues such as gender-based violence and discrimination. It’s an opportunity for us all to stand together and make a change.

Competition Details

Theme: We want you to picture Respect in a way that is meaningful to you. Based on Respect Victoria’s ‘Respect Is’ campaign, participants are encouraged to interpret this theme creatively and thoughtfully. For some idea’s check out Respect Victoria’s ‘Respect Is’.

Duration: The competition runs from October 23rd to November 12th. During this time, entries will be accepted from all members of La Trobe University.

Judging Criteria

Entries will be assessed based on the following criteria:

Creativity and Originality of Concept: The ability to convey a unique perspective on respect.

Aesthetic Merit of Photograph: The visual appeal of the photograph.

Clarity of Connection to the Theme: The photo’s ability to express the essence of “Respect Is.”


Student PrizesStaff Prizes
1st Prize: $250 voucher1st Prize: $250 voucher
2nd Prize: $100 voucher2nd Prize: $100 voucher
3rd Prize: $50 voucher3rd Prize: $50 voucher

Announcement: The winners for both staff and student categories will be announced on November 20th and informed by email.

Public Display: By participating, all entrants consent to having their photos and short descriptions displayed at both the Bendigo and Bundoora campuses during the 16 Days of Activism campaign, helping to spread the important message of respect to a wider audience.

Terms and Conditions: Please view the terms and conditions before entering the competition.

Submission: Participants may submit a single photograph that encapsulates their interpretation of “Respect Is” with a short description. The quality of the photo matters less than the message it conveys. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a camera, use your phone! Submit your entry via the button below through Microsoft forms. You must be logged into your University account to access it.

As we support the ‘Respect Is’ campaign, let your creative spirit shine through the lens and be part of the positive change that these 16 days symbolise. Together, we can create a more respectful and inclusive La Trobe community.

Support at La Trobe

Safer Community

If you witness or experience any disrespectful or inappropriate behaviour, please report it to our confidential Safer Community service.

For more information about the 16 Days of Activism campaign, or information about the photography competition, please contact Respectful Communities, respect@latrobe.edu.au.