Enhancing and Responding to Mental Health: new mental health subject on LMS

Prioritising your mental health and wellbeing during your time at university is vital to your success in the academic space. Better mental wellbeing also means a more positive university experience.

There is a range of reasons why you might not reach out for support. You may feel that it might impact your enrolment, you may feel ashamed or as though you’re not ‘unwell enough’ to use Wellbeing services. 

Enhancing and Responding to Mental Health

The student LMS subject Enhancing and Responding to Mental Health (For Students) has been designed for students to help provide you with information on the risk factors and causes of poor mental health, common mental health issues experienced by students, how to be an effective listener and support a struggling friend and give you strategies to build awareness and manage your own mental health more effectively. The subject also provides information on accessing support pathways internal and external to the university.

The subject consists of 12 modules that you can complete in chronological order, or you can select ones that you are interested in. The subject is self-enrol and is not graded. It has been created for the purpose of providing students with up-to-date information and resources to help support their mental health.

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If you would like more information on the subject, please contact Chiara Dargin from Strategy, Education & Prevention.