Men’s Health Week 2023

International Men’s Health Week (12-18 June) is a yearly event to highlight the importance of men’s mental and physical wellbeing and the preventable health issues among men and boys. 

This year Men’s Health Week 2023 focuses on ‘Healthy Habits’ and the small changes men can make to their health and wellbeing that make a big difference. Check out the Men’s Health Week ‘23 site from the Centre of male health/Western Sydney University and the Australian Men’s Health Foundation (AMHF) to find out more.

Men’s Health Week Event

Let’s break down the barriers around wellbeing for men and help increase awareness around men’s health issues. Medibank will be hosting an event featuring Hugo Toovey. This event promises to evoke both laughter and tears, as Hugo courageously navigates the challenges of battling cancer and mental health issues while striving for a normal life.

This event is open to everyone, and we urge you to attend and emphasize the significance of actively participating in the wellbeing of your partner, brother, or friends. Together, let us recognise the importance of supporting one another’s health journeys.

Event Details:
Date: 15 June 2023
Time: 12.30 pm AEST

Men’s Wellbeing at La Trobe

At La Trobe, we are committed to the unique health and wellbeing needs of our male and male-identifying students. Our Men’s Health & Wellbeing service is designed to provide dedicated support, information, and opportunities for connection for the men of Latrobe. We recognise that adopting a range of new habits can make a huge difference when it comes to your mental health. What are your regular wellbeing habits?

Counselling tailored specifically for men

Our Men’s Health & Wellbeing service also provides counselling that is tailored specifically to guys interested in looking after their mental health, for men’s related issues or for guys that have a preference to see a male counsellor. We are also here for just a “check in” – like a service for your car- on how you are travelling.  Perhaps a good time to talk about your healthy habits or find out about new ones. Sessions are relaxed, confidential and focused specifically on you and what you want to achieve. The reasons for signing up for counselling, and the support received, is as individual as the men we see.

View our Men’s Wellbeing webpage, or book an appointment below.

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