La Trobe Psychology Clinic: Social Success Program

If you suffer from shyness or social anxiety you might avoid social situations and have trouble connecting with others due to strong fears of humiliation, rejection, and judgment.

As a shy person, you may also experience panic attacks that make it even more likely that you’ll avoid social situations.

La Trobe’s Social Success is an exciting program based on the latest evidence-based practice in psychology.

This group will help you to overcome social anxiety, by learning to handle performance fears, test anxiety, and interpersonal concerns.

What does the group involve?

Eight group sessions, which will help you to:

  • understand how we get caught up by our fears of others’ judgements so that we avoid social situations and do unhelpful things to “play safe”
  • Develop psychological flexibility skills to improve your ability to accept the feelings, thoughts, and behaviour that may arise as you learn to work past your anxiety and achieve what you care about
  • Develop skills in mindfulness (noticing, flexible attention, willingness)
  • Connect to your personal values, to guide actions that will build greater social confidence

You will also receive individual coaching from a provisionally-registered psychologist in approaching social situations using these skills. The group will provide you with self-help materials to use between meetings.

When: The program starts on Wednesday 2 August 2023 and runs weekly on Wednesdays
from 2 pm – 4 pm.

To express your interest in La Trobe’s Social Success Program, call or email the La Trobe Psychology Clinic. Ph: (03) 9479 2150 or email