La Trobe Leader Franchesca talks about the benefits of the La Trobe Leaders Program

The La Trobe Leaders Program is a fantastic opportunity for you to develop your leadership skills by welcoming incoming students, mentoring your peers, and participating in a range of engagement activities held on campus throughout the semester.

Franchesca is a La Trobe Leader, and Bachelor of Nursing and Midwifery student at our Melbourne (Bundoora) Campus. Franchesca talks about the benefits of joining the La Trobe Leaders Program.

What were your motivations for joining the La Trobe Leaders Program?

I wanted to give back to the La Trobe community. Everyone was so friendly when I went to the Open
Day in Year 12, and it was so nice to be welcomed by everyone once I started uni. So, I also wanted to be part of a team that helps build a welcoming and positive environment for prospective, new, or current La Trobe students!

What are the benefits of participating in the La Trobe Leader’s Program?

It might sound a bit silly – but you get to know the campus like the back of your hand! Everyone knows how easy it is to get lost at the Melbourne campus and as a La Trobe Leader, you learn how to take campus tours and assist at the AskMe desk during O-week and help students find their way around.

Through these activities, I’ve been able to find shortcuts to all of my classes and cool places to hang out and study, for example, the International Gardens!

Franchesca, La Trobe Leader and undergraduate student.

What has been your favourite part of the Leaders Program so far?

Meeting all of the other La Trobe Leaders! Once you’re in uni, it’s very common to have a social circle from those studying the same degree – and meeting people outside of my course and seeing how passionate they are in their studies has been very exciting.

it’s always nice to go on campus and see a familiar face from the Leaders program and have a cup of coffee with them!

Franchesca, La Trobe Leader and undergraduate student.

It gives me a wider perspective of my course, for example, learning more about healthcare from an occupational therapist student’s perspective.

To find out more about our La Trobe Leaders Program, and to register, visit our webpage.