Join the Conversation: Transgender Awareness Week 2023 

It’s Transgender Awareness Week from Monday, November 13th to Sunday, November 19th. We’re asking everyone to help foster a more inclusive and supportive environment for our trans and gender-diverse friends.

Let’s break this down with some meaningful tips:

  1. Break the Assumption Barrier: Don’t assume anyone’s gender! It’s important to respect the pronouns people use. If you’re unsure, introducing yourself with your pronouns is a great way to create a safe space for everyone. If you slip up, it’s no big deal! Quick apologies, correct yourself, and move on – no fuss, just understanding.
  2. Embrace Inclusivity Everywhere: Remember, you can’t always tell if someone is transgender just by appearance. So, use inclusive language in group settings and when referring to others. Say “Hello everyone” instead of “Ladies and gentlemen” and describe people by what they wear or do, not by traditional gender labels.
  3. Leave the “Deadname” Behind: For many trans individuals, their birth name can be a source of anxiety. It’s called a “deadname” for a reason. Always use the name people currently use, and never share old names without permission. If you’re not sure what name to use, it’s okay to ask.
  4. Stand Up Against Disrespect: If you hear anti-trans comments or so-called “jokes,” be the ally our community needs. Call it out. We’re all about respect and support.
  5. Respect Personal Boundaries: Everyone’s entitled to privacy, transgender people included. Skip the invasive questions about personal matters and surgeries. Treat them with the same respect you’d offer to anyone else, and if they want to share their experiences, they’ll let you know.

Attend ALLY Training

Ready to Learn More? If you’re eager to enhance your understanding and become a stronger ally to our LGBTQIA+SB friends, consider signing up for La Trobe’s LGBTIQA+SB ALLY Training.  You can also access free LGBTIQA+SB resources and support here. Let’s continue to create diverse and inclusive campuses that empower and embrace everyone!

Support at La Trobe

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Safer Community – Safer Community is a free, confidential support service for La Trobe students to disclose or report concerning, threatening, inappropriate, or uncomfortable behaviour they may experience or witness at the University.

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Health, Wellbeing, and Inclusion – free and confidential health and wellbeing support, including dedicated LGBTIQA+SB counsellors and programs.