Food Assistance for Students which also contributes to Sustainability

Did you know that over 7.3 tonnes of food are wasted in Australia every year?

Many foods are discarded by supermarkets because they don’t meet customer expectations. Some of the reasons for this could due to the product’s colour, size or shape.

Foods that are close to, at, or beyond the ‘best-before’ date are often discarded even though they are still within their ‘use-by’ dates.  

For more information refer to Use-by and best-before dates (

La Trobe has partnered with Foodbank Australia (and other providers) at our Melbourne (Bundoora) and City campuses, and with FoodShare at our regional campuses to:

  • provide students with some basic food items, especially given the recent cost of living increases
  • help students contribute to and support food sustainability.

FREE food assistance on your campus

Food assistance is now available for all students or will be coming shortly to your campus supported by student volunteers, La Trobe, and LTSA staff.

We would encourage you to access it as follows:

  • Melbourne (Bundoora) Campus: Feeding La Trobe is a student-run club initiative in mini-type supermarket style located in Rm 113 The Agora, just around the corner from the Post Office on campus. Opening hrs will usually be 10 am – 12 pm Monday to Thursday.

Check Feeding La Trobe Facebook for updated details.

  • Bendigo Campus: Pantry staples will be available for students next to the La Trobe Student Association (LTSA) reception.
  • Albury Wodonga: Pantry items will be available in the student common room and food vouchers from LTSA.
  • Shepparton: Pantry items will be available from FoodShare at a location on the Shepparton Campus to be determined.
  • Mildura: in progress, more info will be available in near future!
  • City:  Pantry items will be available shortly from Foodbank at regular intervals.

We would also encourage any student who would like to access further support in managing their current financial situation, to access our Financial Counselling service: