Exciting activities for mid semester break! 

Woo Hoo! We’re half-way through the semester and during the break we’re going to do some exciting things! 

  • Being creative  

During the mid semester break, why not try something creative? Whether it’s painting, photography, dancing, crafting, writing, or poetry, there are plenty of ways to explore your interests and express yourself. It’s a fun and fulfilling way to spend your time!

  • Learn a new skill  

This is the best time to step back from your busy university life and invest in personal growth. Trying a new recipe with cooking or baking, mastering a musical instrument, learning to do a magic trick or to play with cards will boost your confidence as well as promote mindfulness.  

  • Go to events 

There will be plenty of social events such as music and art festivals, game and movie nights, workshops, local fairs, TEDx Talks, and comedy nights. Stepping out of your comfort bubble to meet diverse personalities and ideas would be an awesome experience. Check the new Student Events calendar and Eventbrite for social activities. 

  • Coffee shop socialising 

We all love the cozy vibe of coffee shops. The smell of coffee and pastries instantly lifts our mood. Whether you’re reading a book or chatting with friends over your favorite drink, it’s a therapeutic experience. Don’t forget to capture these beautiful moments! 

  • Get involved in sports or physical activities 

For a healthy university life, being physically active is important. Take your chance to play a sport, try out Yoga, Pilates or dancing. At La Trobe we offer various sports clubs with free memberships. Get moving and enjoy the rush of adrenaline! 

  • Explore Australia 

Australia is filled with wonders! Exploring new places will be thrilling. Camping, hiking, visiting historic towns, touring attractions, and relaxing on beautiful beaches with loved ones will create perfect bonding moments.  

  • Go for a picnic 

Picnics are a great way to escape during the mid semester break. Just pack your favorite snacks and fruits, head to a nearby park or lake. You can paint, read books or simply enjoy hanging out with your friends to talk and laugh for hours. Don’t forget to bring a blanket with you.

  • Rest and recharge 

To make the most out of the mid semester break, you need to invest time simply to relax! Meditate, listen to relaxing music and sleep well. This will help to unwind and recharge for the upcoming study weeks.  

Explore these wonderful opportunities, enjoy your time with friends and family and most importantly have the best mid semester break ever!