Do’s and don’ts for exam day: words of wisdom from our PLAs

Peer Learning Advisors (PLAs) are experienced students specially trained to help others with study and assessments. To get help from a PLA, access the PLA drop-in service during semester.

Want to know the best way to survive exam day? Our PLAs have prepared some simple do’s and don’ts to help you maximise your exam performance!

Do get a good night’s sleep the night before.

Clayton: The night before an exam make sure to get a great sleep. This will drastically improve your performance come exam day! Also, before your exam daily exercise can help significantly in reducing stress and mental fatigue.

Nick: Try to avoid screens and caffeine before bed – basically avoid anything that will stop you from getting a good night of sleep.

Don’t stress if your mind goes blank on a question. Just come back to it later.

Nick: The only time to dwell on questions you blank on is after you’ve answered every other question. When you blank on a question, move on. Keep doing this until all you have left is the blank ones – often by the time you come back something will have triggered an answer in your brain.

Hannah: It’s better to keep completing the exam in some way rather than wasting time trying to remember. Most of the time when we try and force ourselves to remember something, we only stress ourselves out more.

Do be mindful of the time.

Hammad: Practice exams are a good way to get ready to time constraints. Otherwise allocate the most time to the question with the most marks, and the least time to the question worth the least amount of marks.

Clayton: If you finish early, always make sure to double-check your answers. Never leave an exam early. Use extra time to reflect on your spelling, writing and add further detail to your responses to maximise potential marks.

Don’t forget to recognise your achievements.

Hannah: Give yourself credit for your hard work! Think about the things you have accomplished, big or small. Put yourself in a positive head space and be proud of yourself! We often take our own strengths for granted, so it is so important that we take time to acknowledge them.

Do use the resources available to you!

Visit the Achieve@Uni exams page, or book an appointment with an Academic Skills and Language Advisor for one-to-one support.