What is Professional Learning and why should you do it!           

If you are checking out the Career Ready Advantage Award you might be wondering what you can do to complete the four Professional Learning activities.

Career Ready Advantage Capability Framework (La Trobe University, 2018)
Keep an eye out for this icon on Career Hub – it represents a professional learning activity!

To achieve a Career Ready Advantage Award you need to undertake four Professional Learning activities, two Practical Experiences, and develop three Career Portfolio items, and once you have completed Silver, you can go for Gold and then CRA Platinum!

Our Career Ready Advantage Award aims to have all La Trobe students Career Ready when they graduate and this includes developing your employability skills across a range of professional learning experiences.

So, before you start thinking about the Professional Learning activities you can do, consider the skills you want to develop.

La Trobe’s Career Ready Advantage Award Capability Framework (2018) was developed in consultation with the industry and highlights these skills as imperative for successful grads:

Transferable skillsDefinition
Communication and Literacy:
– Communicating and influencing
– Digital literacy
– Cultural intelligence and global mindset
Skills to confidently engage, build
relationships and work effectively
with diverse groups of people.
Personal and Professional:
– Adaptability and self-management
– Ethical and social responsibility
– Leadership and teamwork
Skills that will support you to be a leader
and contribute to a team in an adaptable
and ethical way.
Inquiry and Analysis:
– Critical thinking and problem solving
– Research and evidence-based inquiry
– Creativity and innovation
Skills that will enable you to interpret data,
and use evidence, and create innovative
solutions to challenging situations.

Professional Learning activities that will help you to develop these skills include:

  • LinkedIn Learning courses (all La Trobe students have free access)
  • Careers and employability workshops and events – check out the Career Options and Graduate Preparation workshops and employer panels offered each semester. Hearing other people’s stories will help you to understand what you might need for your future profession. Register via the Career Hub
  • Careers Essential videos – these are recorded workshops you can access at any time On24
  • Professional Associations – see if there’s a Professional Association for your future profession. Professional Associations often have student memberships and offer networking and professional development activities that you can join.

Make sure you check out your Career Ready Advantage Award regularly on the Career Hub. When we know you have completed a relevant activity, we add it for you. You might be surprised to find you have already completed a good portion of a CRA Award!

If you are still not sure what to do, talk to a Career Ready Ambassador! They’ll make sure you are on track to complete a Career Ready Advantage Award this semester.

Submit your activities by Sunday 16 October to see your CRA Award on your next academic transcript.