Staff and student support and zero tolerance of racism

This message was emailed to all students on 12 October 2023.

As we communicated with you on Monday, La Trobe is offering our support to all students, staff and community members affected by the current Hamas-Israel conflict. 

We recognise that the conflict is especially distressing for members of our community with family members, friends, and cultural or other ties to the region and extend to them our solidarity and support.   

Regrettably, in recent days there has been an increase in reports of antisemitism and racism within the community. 

If you witness any antisemitic, racist or inappropriate behaviour, please report it to our confidential Safer Community service. 

Every one of us has an obligation to ensure the safety of our community on campus. We must uphold La Trobe’s values, and show each other care, respect and support at this difficult time.  

Supports for affected students 

We have already communicated directly with all students from the region directly impacted by the conflict and we are offering a range of services and supports to any student who is impacted by the conflict:

  • Special Consideration is available and applications from impacted students on the basis of the current conflict will be approved as a matter of priority. Please speak with your subject coordinator to let them know you will be applying for Special Consideration so they can let you know about the alternate arrangements that are available.  
  • The Student Health, Wellbeing and Inclusion team can provide free and confidential support. To access support, complete the online form. When completing this form, we strongly encourage you to advise the Student Health, Wellbeing and Inclusion team that you are seeking support in relation to the Hamas-Israel conflict when you are asked what has happened. This will allow the team to prioritise and tailor the support they provide you.  
  • If you are not sure what support you may need please contact ASK La Trobe in the first instance and they can assist you with a range of options available at La Trobe.
  • The Student Advising team can assist you with administrative options such as taking leave from your studies and applying for Special Consideration. You can make an appointment with your Advisor via the Student Advising webpage. 

Travel advice 

A reminder that the Australian Government has updated its travel advice to the region and has advised against travel to Gaza or areas near the Gaza border. The overall travel advice for Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories is to reconsider your need to travel. Higher levels apply in some areas. You can follow updates to this advice on the Australian Government Smart Traveller website.  

Again, I ask that you uphold La Trobe’s values, and show each other respect, care and support at this difficult time. 

Our thoughts are with everyone impacted by these tragic events. 

Professor John Dewar AO
Vice-Chancellor and President