Provide feedback on the revised Academic Progression Review Policy

We are inviting students to provide their feedback on the proposed revised Academic Progression Policy, to ensure you have an opportunity to tell us if the policy works for you.

What is the Academic Progression Review Policy?

The policy outlines the ways in which the University monitors your course progression and details the support interventions the University puts in place to help you if you start to struggle academically.

What is different about the revised policy?

  • Processes have been simplified so they are easier to understand
  • Students experiencing academic difficulty will be identified sooner and will be provided targeted support, including academic recovery modules and dedicated support services
  • Consequences are clearly outlined for students who do not engage with the process and continue to struggle
  • The policy better accommodates students enrolled in workplace and term-based subjects

How do I provide feedback?

Provide feedback by adding your comments to the University Policy bulletin board. Feedback will be accepted until 5 pm Wednesday 20 September.