POV: Student Club Executive Member

This article was written by 2024 student intern and international student, Nicole.

Joining a new university and adjusting to the culture can be challenging, especially for international students, so networking at the start of this new chapter is essential. At La Trobe, student clubs are as diverse as its students with academic, creative, cultural and religious, political and social justice, and wellbeing clubs on offer.

I joined a Bendigo student club during my first semester at La Trobe. Being a member of a student club was an extremely exciting experience. It gave me a chance to meet new students and get involved with different personalities from various backgrounds. Through the student club, I met wonderful friends and had the opportunity to network with students who helped me through my university journey. A welcoming and friendly attitude in La Trobe’s student clubs made me feel that I belong!

Once I became comfortable within the campus, I wanted to stand out and make a positive impact on other students’ lives. Because of this, I took on the role as treasurer in my student club, which gave me the opportunity to be more responsible and confident. It was a perfect chance to develop my interpersonal and communication skills.

Working with La Trobe staff gave me the experience of being in a professional environment and organising events.

Managing academic and personal life as an executive member can be challenging, but university is about taking risks and overcoming challenges! With the support of club members and guidance from La Trobe staff, we made our university an exciting place for many students.

Find your La Trobe club community and enjoy your university student experience to the fullest!

Don’t see the club for you? Talk to the clubs team about starting your own!