Nothing beats the feeling of saving lives together

When it comes to helping a cause, sometimes it can seem that by yourself, you don’t make much of a difference.

But, when you join in with friends, colleagues, or classmates, you realise that together you really make an impact.

Join the La Trobe University Lifeblood Team and donate blood or plasma!

Together, we can make a real difference. Whether you’ve been giving blood for years or you’ve just started thinking about it, it’s the perfect time to join our Lifeblood Team. You can donate together or on your own — it all counts towards our team’s goals.

Just in time for the Tertiary Blood Drive

Every drop counts. The blood drive will be on from 1 March to 31 May. Can we count you in?

Join the La Trobe University Lifeblood Team and be a part of this noble cause. Head to to sign up and join the team, locate a donor centre convenient for you, and book your life-saving donation today. Remember, every drop counts!

In just the first two weeks of the campaign, our dedicated members have already made 53 donations, translating to an astounding 159 lives saved. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the compassion and generosity within our university community. But let’s not stop there; together, we can make an even greater impact!

There have been several welcomed changes to eligibility. Whether you have a tattoo, have recently travelled, are an international student, or take medications – you are likely eligible to donate. To find out more, head to to take the 2 minute eligibility quiz.

Beyond the satisfaction of knowing you’re making a difference, there are numerous benefits to donating blood. Not only will you discover your blood type, but you’ll also receive a complimentary health check every time you donate AND donors can enjoy free snacks, making the experience both fulfilling and rewarding.

With 1 in 3 Australians needing blood products during their lifetimes, let’s give life! Let’s give blood!