Five ways the Library can help you with assessments

If you need help understanding, writing or staying on track with your assessments, you’re not alone. From online resources to one-to-one advice, the Library has a variety of tools and resources to help support you.

1. Try our Assessment Planner

It’s important to prepare and start your assessments early, to ensure you have time to properly research, write and revise.

Our Assessment Planner will keep you accountable and on track. Based on your assessment due date, the Planner will calculate target deadlines for every stage of your assessment, creating a step-by-step timeline to ensure you complete everything on time.

2. Achieve@Uni

Do you have a habit of procrastinating on assessments or are you not sure where to begin? Our Achieve@Uni website has a tonne of great resources and tips to help you get started. Achieve@Uni can help you:

  • plan your assignment
  • start research
  • write your assignment
  • learn how to reference
  • avoid plagiarism

Check out this information for a thorough breakdown of how Achieve@Uni can help.

3. Study skills workshops

We offer a wide range of workshops throughout the year.

Workshops can improve your skills in a variety of areas and help boost confidence in tackling assessments. Topics covered include:

  • how to write great assignments (literature reviews, essays, reports etc.)
  • academic writing
  • referencing, Turnitin and plagiarism
  • how to use databases and Google Scholar
  • time management and more!

Keep an eye on our training and workshops page for upcoming workshops.

4. One-to-one consultations

If you feel like you need some one-to-one help with assessments, we offer consultations where you can ask questions and get advice.

Book an appointment with one of our experts for help with:

  • identifying your assessment and research questions
  • assessment planning
  • finding information and research
  • academic writing
  • referencing

Alternatively, drop-in to see one of our Peer Learning Advisors (PLAs). PLAs are fellow students specially trained to help you with study and assignments. They can help with any discipline, at any campus.

PLAs are on campus every weekday and no appointment is necessary. Visit either face-to-face or drop in via Zoom.

You can check PLA availability on the Library Learning Services LMS.

5. Visit a Discipline Hub for help with Coding, Maths or Science

If your assessments or subjects involve coding, maths or science, our Discipline Hubs have expert staff ready to provide you with one-to-one support. No bookings are required, just drop in to one of our Zoom sessions.

At our Coding Hub, you can improve your skills in C, Java, Python, R, Database and web development.

Our Maths Hub gives you access to online mathematics and statistics resources. We also have regular Zoom sessions where you can get help from a math tutor.

At our Science Hub, you can request one-to-one help for a variety of science disciplines.