Exploring the world, building lifelong bonds: A passport to exchange

Simran first discovered La Trobe’s exchange program via a serendipitous email from their subject coordinator. Intrigued by the prospect of a scholarship opportunity in Vietnam, they decided to seize the chance to explore a new culture and broaden their horizons. Little did they know that this decision would lead to an adventure that would shape their perspective on life and career.

From first-day nerves to forming lifelong friendships, exploring local spots, and immersing themselves in Vietnamese culture, this is a trip that Simran will never forget.

“I think my biggest take away from this trip was how grateful I was. By meeting and interacting with locals, I realised some things I would usually take for granted in Australia, some in Vietnam have not had the opportunity to even experience.”

This new appreciation became a valuable life lesson, highlighting the importance of empathy and global awareness. But the lessons don’t stop there.

Reflecting on a memorable moment during their time abroad, Simran recounted a heartwarming evening that epitomised the spirit of their exchange journey.

“On the third day of our trip, we had settled into our university and started to get to know locals who were taking the subject with us. We played games, were goofy with each other, and I think that really brought out our inner child.”

“Later that day I had discussed with my roommate that we should set up a dinner with them.”

Organising a pizza party on a rooftop, they brought together Vietnamese and La Trobe friends, enjoying an exciting atmosphere of love, laughter, and cultural exchange. Simran recounts that it was a moment of realisation – “I am so truly lucky to be here right now, in this moment.”

As you contemplate your academic path, consider the doors that may open when you choose to learn beyond the familiarity of campus in Victoria. The world is waiting to be explored and the lessons learned abroad might shape your future in ways you never imagined!

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