Block out some time for Minecraft: Melbourne Campus

It feels like forever since most of our students and staff have set foot on our campuses.

We’re still waiting for the DHHS to declare it’s safe to return to on-site learning. In the meantime, we’ve got something to help ease your campus withdrawals: our Melbourne campus (almost) fully realised in Minecraft.

We whipped this up as an added bonus for visitors to online Open Day 2020 to enjoy in between live course presentations (which are now available on demand).

But since Victoria’s lockdown continues, for the time being, we thought it’d be a nice chance for everyone to take a digital stroll through the grounds again.

Download the zip file of the Campus here, along with installation instructions.

(Bonus points for anyone who can find the 10-degree scrolls hidden around campus).

Note: You’ll need Minecraft installed to enjoy the experience. If you haven’t got access, we’ve uploaded a little video tour above for you.