Congratulations to our 2024 New Columbo Plan Scholarship recipients

We are delighted to share that five of our students have secured the prestigious New Columbo Plan (NCP) Scholarship for 2024!

The NCP Scholarship awards up to $69,000 to Australian undergraduate students to pursue study and work experience opportunities across multiple locations in the Indo-Pacific region. Each year, La Trobe nominates 15 students to be considered for the scholarship by the Australian Government.

Our outstanding recipients succeeded through multiple rounds of the competitive application process to be awarded the scholarship. We offer our heartfelt congratulations and wish them all the best for the journey ahead!

NCP Scholarship recipients

NameDestination Country
Ahmed BaroudiIndonesia
Charlotte BradstreetIndia
Harrison RuleIndia
Jane GrationIndonesia
Zaakirah AliSingapore

The idea of immersing myself in a new culture, gaining new perspectives, learning a language and just overall growing as a person left me with an incredible feeling. I knew that the experiences and skills I’d gain would shape me into a more creative, culturally competent, and empathetic human and leader, no matter what occupation I entered in the future.

Harrison, NCP Scholarship recipient

For information about the NCP Scholarship, visit the website.