Clinical Coding Auditing

Be at the forefront of accurate health data to deliver high quality outcomes.

Develop your skills in the auditing, analysis and reporting of clinical coded data and develop strategies to implement audit outcomes. Register your Expression of Interest to determine your eligibility to complete this course.

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Location Online
Date/sCommencing July 2024
Duration 15 weeks
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Selection criteria

The course is open to:

  • those who hold a qualification (Bachelor or Master) in health information management from HIMAA accredited tertiary courses
  • HIMAA Certificate IV or Diploma in Clinical Classification graduates or equivalent
  • Certificate IV clinical coders who have completed an approved RTO (VET) clinical coding course


  • A minimum of 3 years’ experience coding in a tertiary hospital, complex case-mix; or
  • Five years’ experience coding at other non-tertiary hospitals, with less complex case-mix;
  • Professional reference from your current manager (e.g., HIS Manager)
  • Currently working at a Health Information Service and/or have access to medical records
  • Australian and New Zealand applicants only.  Must be conversant with ICD-10-AM (12th edition)
  • To ensure you have the right level of experience before committing to this course, you will need to undertake a skill (Clinical Coding) benchmarking test.
CertificationCertificate of External and Internal Clinical Coding Auditing OR Certificate of Internal Clinical Coding Auditing
Fee/s$2,950.00 inc GST


The only one of its kind in the world, this course is designed to provide knowledge and develop skills in the auditing of coded data and analysing and reporting on audit outcomes.

Designed for experienced professionals in Australia and New Zealand (conversant with ICD-10-AM 12th edition), this online, self-paced course is designed to enhance your skills in auditing coded data, use of contemporary audit tools, analysing results, providing effective feedback, reporting on audit outcomes and developing organisational recommendations.

It will provide health information managers and clinical coders throughout the healthcare sector with the practical knowledge and skills for managing, evaluating, and auditing clinical, administrative, and funding-related health data. This specialised course also offers eligible health information managers and clinical coders the option of a certificate of competency in internal, or external clinical coding auditing, for which they must demonstrate substantial competence in an ICD-10-AM (12th edition) classification benchmarking test, audit report and final short course examination.

Course content

There are four modules in the course:

  • Module 1 - Principles of Casemix and Activity Based Funding Models
  • Module 2 - Theory and Principles of Auditing
  • Module 3 - Statistical Analysis, Methodology, and use of Contemporary Audit Tools
  • Module 4 - Audit Outcomes: Reporting and Strategic Development

Clinical Coding Benchmarking Test

Before committing to our Clinical Coding Auditing short course, where you will gain certification that is recognised by industry, government health departments and the Health Information Management Association of Australia (HIMAA), this Skills Assessment will confirm your eligibility for the course and ensure that you get the most out of it.

Clinical Coding Auditors need (and are expected by employers) to have advanced coding skills, understand and apply ICD-10-AM and ACHI coding conventions, and have a thorough working knowledge of the Australian Coding Standards and current national ratified advice.

The Skills Assessment is an online, supervised clinical coding test covering a broad range of casemix which will determine if you have the required accuracy to be eligible for the External and Internal Clinical Coding Auditing certification or Internal Clinical Coding Auditing Certification. The test will enable you to ‘benchmark’ your coding level nationally and is necessary for the Course Management Committee to ascertain your coding skill level and confirm the type of Auditing Certificate for which your current skills are suited. A small administrative fee is charged to undertake the test which is deducted from the overall short course cost fee if you take the course.

You must achieve a score of 85% or more to be eligible for the Certificate of External and Internal Clinical Coding Auditing and a score of 75-84% to be eligible for the Certificate of Internal Clinical Coding Auditing.

Once you have completed the Skills Assessment test and demonstrated at least 75% accuracy, you will be able to register in the Clinical Coding Auditing short course.

Extra requirements

  1. Broadband internet access and an active email address that can be accessed at home during study periods.
  2. Students must have basic computer literacy skills (e.g. Word or other word processing software, Excel).

Further information


T: 1300 135 045


This program is subject to minimum enrolment numbers. A refund will be provided if the program is cancelled.