‘There are so many emotions’: Student midwife Maya explains what it’s like to bring new life into the world

Access to industry placements is one of the best parts about studying at La Trobe.

But it’s hard to compete with our Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Midwifery students for a more life-changing, life-affirming workplace experience.

By their fourth year, the double degree students will follow 10 women’s pregnancies, from their antenatal appointments to the birth of their babies.

We met one student and soon-to-be parent pairing to hear more about their special connection.

Third-year student Maya Lane U’Ren accompanied La Trobe staff member Roxy Daley as she prepared to welcome her second child, Harry, late last year.

Watch the video to meet both Bendigo women and stick around to the end for a cameo from now six-month-old Harry.

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