The Online Learning Zone at Bundoora is open!

We’re trialing a new Online Learning Zone in Bundoora!

The Online Learning Zone is a place to attend and participate in your online lectures, tutorials, seminars, and classes. This space will only be for individual use during online classes. Study groups should use Levels 1 for group study.

The Online Learning Zone is designed specifically for you to participate in your online classes. Inside, you’ll find computers equipped with webcams and study spaces for your own device.

Talking is okay, we ask that you wear your headphones so others can enjoy a similar experience.

The Online Learning Zone includes:

  • Lots of individual study spaces
  • Computers
  • Webcams

Swipe your student ID to access the space and let us know what you think via our feedback form. If your are unable to access this space, please get in contact with our Card Access Team.