Stepping Stones: Learning how to overcome anxiety

Stepping Stones Group Program is a group for people experiencing anxiety that is having a
negative impact on their life.

The program is based on cognitive-behavioural therapy and focuses on participants developing an understanding of anxiety and learning ways to gradually face situations that make them feel anxious, to reduce feelings of anxiety and increase resilience and confidence.

Stepping Stones Group Program is suitable for adults experiencing a variety of anxiety-based presentations such as social anxiety, panic attacks, excessive worry, and situation-specific
anxiety (such as fear of crowds, small spaces, driving, needles, animals, etc.,).

The program is delivered in English and is not suitable for people with current drug or alcohol

Stepping Stones Group Program is delivered by the La Trobe University Psychology Clinic. The sessions will be facilitated by clinical psychology trainees under the supervision of registered clinical psychologists.

The group runs for 9 weeks and includes both group and individual sessions. Participants will need to attend two pre-group assessment sessions to ensure the group is suitable for their needs.

Event details

Time: 2 pm
Date: 30 May 2023 (9 weeks)
Location: La Trobe University, Melbourne (Bundoora) Campus
Contact: Please call or email the clinic: 03 94792150 /