Revamped Professional Experience Guide for Education students

Are you enrolled in the Bachelor of Education, Master of Teaching or Bachelor of Early Childhood Education online? The way you access your professional experience handbooks is changing. The School of Education is pleased to announce the launch of the revamped Professional Experience Guide.

The new website replaces the existing PebblePad handbooks which will remain online for a transitional period, so it’s important you update your existing bookmarks now and make note of where the new guide is located.

The site contains the Pre-Service Teacher Handbook, which tells you what you need to do before and during placement, how placement is assessed and how to get help during placement.

The site also contains the Partner Handbook, where you can read the information that supervising teachers and Student Placement Coordinators receive about placement. 

The School of Education hope you enjoy using the new site! If you have any feedback about the site, please contact Michelle Dicinoski at