Men’s Health & Wellbeing here at La Trobe

La Trobe’s ‘Health, Wellbeing and Inclusion‘ has a range of specialist services aimed at key support areas for our students. One of these services is the Men’s Health and Wellbeing program.

Our Senior coordinator of Men’s Health, Wellbeing and Counselling, psychologist Jason Campbell, describes the purpose of the program and what support is available:

“At La Trobe, we recognize the unique needs of male and male-identifying students when it comes to maintaining good mental health. The role of the Men’s Health and Wellbeing program is to support you in achieving your own goals and helping you refocus on what you want to get out of life”.

Why a focus on Men’s wellbeing is important

Beyondblue reports more than 70% of men experiencing issues with mental health do not access support services and less than 20% see their GP about mental health. At least one-third experience a mental illness by the time they’re 25 years old. Tragically, men are also three times more likely to end their own lives.   

Men seeking support – it’s not always easy

We understand that sometimes men can find it hard to ask for support. We know there are often beliefs we inherit as men about being independent, strong and sorting things out for ourselves. Jason reminds us that “these can be great qualities, but sometimes they don’t help us when we are struggling”.  No one needs to suffer in silence.

More men seeking support

Research from Movember reports that there has been a 10% increase in guys seeking support over the last decade. 40% of men said they had made up their mind to get some counselling and 72% were “very motivated” to attend.

“In my work, I am noticing that more men are learning to focus on their mental health and wellbeing. They consider seeking counselling support is also a sign of strength”.  Jason notes “men are also wanting to have more conversations about how to help other guys in their world too (e.g., mates, Dad, brothers etc) and that is a big part of this program”.

Support for the Men of La Trobe

La Trobe University’s Men’s Health & Wellbeing service is designed to provide dedicated support, information, and opportunities for connection for the men of La Trobe.

Counselling tailored specifically for men. “Yes, men do seek counselling each and every day here at our service. The reasons for seeking counselling and the support received is as individual as the men we see” Jason said. Support is tailored specifically for men interested in looking after their mental health, men’s related issues or for guys that have a preference to see a male counsellor. Counselling is relaxed, confidential and tailored specifically for you and what you want to achieve and get back on track.

More information:

The Men’s wellbeing counsellor is available in-person (Melbourne campus only) or during sessions via Zoom (all campuses). To make an appointment, visit the Men’s Health and Wellbeing program page.

Use our La Trobe University Crisis Line for Out-of-Hours Mental Health and Wellbeing Support. Phone 1300 146 307 or text 0488 884 100. This service operates 5pm-9am on weekdays and 24 hours during weekends and public holidays.