Additional V grade code confirmed for Semester 1, 2021 – refresher on how V grade works

The University introduced an additional V grade for Semester 1 and 2, 2020, Summer 2020/2021 and Semester 1,2020 results to ensure you don’t record a fail grade on your transcript if you unsuccessfully complete a subject.

How a V grade works

If you unsuccessfully attempt a subject, a traditional fail result will not be recorded on your transcript and your course Weighted Average Mark (WAM) will not be affected.

Instead of a traditional fail grade, you will receive a ‘V – No result recorded due to extenuating circumstances’ for the subject on your transcript.

Important things to note:

  • Your subject fees will still be charged/accrue as usual – there is no automatic remission of debt for subjects that receive a fail or ‘V’.
  • If the subject is a pre-requisite for another subject, you will still need to pass it before being able to progress to the follow-on subject (i.e. you will need to repeat it if you do not pass). You will need to view the Subject Search to check when the subject is running again so you can plan your future enrolment.
  • You may still be eligible to apply for the usual Special Consideration process if there are extenuating circumstances specific to your situation.

Exceptions to receiving a V grade

  • In proven cases of Academic Misconduct, an initial V or W grade may be replaced with a formal fail grade of either F or N with a mark between zero and 49.
  • If you fail a clinical or industry placement subject more than once, you may be assessed as part of the normal Academic Progress Review policy and subsequently, an initial V or W grade may be replaced with a formal fail grade of F or N with a mark between zero and 49.

Received a V grade and wondering what happens next?

To help you achieve your best, both academically and personally, we will have a number of support services available for you. To make sure you know about the services that are right for you and your situation, you’ll receive a phone call after Semester 2, 2020 results are released from our Student Success team to talk about how we can best support you at that time.  

We’ll refer you to services like:  

In the meantime, you can check out the Academic Recovery LMS page for tips on how to achieve academic success and reach your full potential during your time at La Trobe. You can register to attend a virtual La Trobe Academic Recovery Workshop via the LMS page – more will be added soon, so keep checking back.