Group work expectations and support for when things go wrong

While you’re at university, there will be many times when you’ll work with other students, for assignments and in-class activities. Working in a group helps students develop the ability to work effectively as a group member which is an important skill that you will need throughout your professional life. Whilst working in groups has its benefits, it can also be challenging. To get the most of working in a group there a few things you can do.

At your first group meeting, take some time to:

  • introduce yourselves and swap contact details
  • agree on how to communicate (for example, email, a Facebook group/chat, Google Docs) and when to meet (frequency, dates, times, and location)
  • discuss and share expectations regarding the work and roles of each member.

Things to remember when engaging in group work:

  • Group work is an extension of the professional learning environment and it is unacceptable to harass, coerce or intimidate others.
  • When engaging in group work it is expected that everyone contributes and demonstrates respectful behaviour towards all other group members.
  • You are encouraged to always communicate via official University channels, including your student email and university discussion forums.
  • We suggest that all meetings take place in neutral spaces, such as campus meeting rooms or the library (rather than personal residences) to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable.

If unacceptable behaviour occurs, speak up and access student supports that are available.

If you would like to be provided with expert advice, information, options, and referrals about unacceptable behaviour, you can get in contact with Safer Community.

Call Safer Community on 03 9479 8988
Email the Safer Community team
Complete an online report via our website
Visit us in person at Bundoora PE level 2 or Bendigo SSC

Not sure if Safer Community covers your issue? Get in touch for a consult or check out the Safer Community website for information.

Please note: Safer Community is not an emergency or critical response service, and reports, emails and voicemails are not reviewed outside of operating hours. For afterhours assistance please contact the La Trobe Crisis Line on 1300 146 307 or text 0488 884 100 or Security on campus at 9479 2222.